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Hey There!

Welcome to my little art shop!

I encourage you to explore my work here. My art speaks more eloquently for itself than I could ever communicate with words.

My name is Miya Bryant and I am an artist. I believe that creation is at the center of our universe and the center of our souls. No matter what we do as humans, we are constantly drawn to create. My desire to create found a home on a blank canvas, in a paintbrush, and in the brightest colors the human eye can see. Like most children, I found myself drawing on many empty walls at home. Although my parents’ preference was that I create on paper, they never smothered my creativity in favor of clean walls. Throughout my primary education, I made sure I was the first to sign up for every art class and took each assignment seriously. It wasn’t until college that I drifted towards abstract art.

Nobody knows what abstract art is “about.” For me, that's the best part. There are NO RULES. There are no restrictions that anyone, myself included, can make to box in this form of expression. Ok, there are some rules, but the defining quality is freedom. Freedom to explore the world, to explore yourself, to make mistakes, and, most importantly, freedom to create something that has never existed before. When I sit down (floor painters unite!) to create a new piece, I know that the starting image in my mind will evolve and change by the time the piece is finished. I love the journey that abstract painting takes me on. Every painting I create challenges me and moves me to places I never knew existed. The challenges and joy I experience are encapsulated in every painting and then sent off to bring that same energy to its new home.

Currently, I reside in Raleigh, NC with my husband and two miniature poodles. I consider myself a citizen of the world and strive to make the world a better place with small actions every day. I am only 1 in 7 billion on this Earth, but I believe that one more person pursuing their dreams and living life more passionately and fully makes a big difference. Countless friends, family, and far off instagram influencers have shown me a life of freedom is possible, I hope to encourage others to get free as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Peace and love.