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'the art of love' print
Miya Bryant Art

'the art of love' print

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Giclee Print of Original 36x48 - Acrylic on Canvas - 2020

Art and love are two universal concepts that continue to mystify the human race. This piece embodies that mystery and captures the inherent complexities and beauty of both art and love.

As this piece was developed, I noticed more and more how the tiny strokes look like the fallen leaves I am surrounded by as autumn creeps in. The randomness is a testament to the freeing energy I  tapped into while creating the art of love. The color palette is a play on the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow), which brings a strong contrast and effortless harmony to this creation.
Giclee - A high quality fine art reproduction, printed using high-quality pigmented inks that last over a hundred years. 
  • Printed on Fine Art paper, with a white border surrounding the image
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